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Lead score report with activity log

We are currently generating an email alert to sales when a customer reaches a lead score of 35. The report provides customer data record but not the activity log so the sales team can review the web, nurture, form activity that led to the customer reaching this score. I know there is an option for sales insight link with sales force but we are not using SF at the moment. 


Anyone know how I can generate either a report to run each day that includes the activitiy log or a how I can setup for the email alert I send to sales?

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Re: Lead score report with activity log

You can't directly include the ActLog.


You can use a history field (which is a Textarea field that you continually append to) and mirror certain triggering information there. For example, write the {{system.timestamp}} {{}} for a Filled Out Form trigger and that'll show the form name. Search past threads for more on history fields.

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Re: Lead score report with activity log

You can also include the Send Alert Info Token {{{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} in your alert email. The token will generate in your alert a temporary link to view the record and activity log of the lead who triggered the alert.  The link is view-only so sales can see the last activities but not edit the record. The only drawback is that if you have many programs making changes to the record of the lead, the activity log might be a little overwhelming for sales to decipher. 


Send Alert Info Token -