Lead re-qualification Process in Dynamics Integration

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Lead re-qualification Process in Dynamics Integration

Hi All,

As our Marketo instance is currently linked with Dynamics through the native connector, we have a query regarding lead qualification. Presently, our lead qualification process to Dynamics is triggered by form submissions. When a person submits a form, a new lead is created in Dynamics through a campaign flow action. Subsequently, the sales team reviews and qualifies the lead into a contact in D365. Once the lead completes its journey, such as an opportunity being marked as Won or Lost, they may fill out another form for a different request.

In this scenario, another lead should ideally be created in D365 to facilitate follow-up by the sales team. However, the system attempts to sync the new form submission to the closed lead and displays an error stating "Lead has already been synced."

Could anyone kindly provide advice on how to re-qualify a lead from Marketo once their current journey has concluded?

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Re: Lead re-qualification Process in Dynamics Integration

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Re: Lead re-qualification Process in Dynamics Integration

Yes, that discussion is certainly related.

Two comments though:


  1. In contrast to Salesforce, in Dynamics the Flow Step "Sync to Microsoft" fails with an error if the person already exists in Dynamics. Salesforce is more forgiving here.
  2. And no, you cannot create a new Lead on top of an existing Lead or Contact in Dynamics. That is just not how Marketo, Salesforce and Dynamics operate. There are CRMs and MATs though who support this very concept, so that's where the confusion might come from.


And as Sanford in the other discussion points out: What other CRMs might call an additional "Lead" on top of an existing "Contact" is usually referred to as an Opportunity in Marketo/SFDC/D365.