Instance Audit

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Instance Audit

Does anyone have any general tips? We're doing an entire audit on our instance.

We're keeping tabs on things such as:
- Program/Campaign tags and naming convention

- Race conditions

- Request Campaign

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Instance Audit

I would definitely recommend adding "Database" to this list. That includes normalizing all data (i.e. state, country, time zone, industry, etc.) for inconsistencies (i.e. spelling mistakes, undesired region, undesired industry, etc.). Having a clean and up-to-date database is extremely important.

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Re: Instance Audit

How did the audit go - are you able to share any docs or templates you used?

Marc Sirkin
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Re: Instance Audit

Some tips  (not a sales pitch)

There are also a host of free articles on this.


I believe Kristen Malkovich​ had slides on this at the last MUG or Summit. There are some decks on slideshare.