Importing landing page template

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Importing landing page template

I'm trying to import a landing page a template that I downloaded online. 

The import feature won't allow to upload the whole folder at once. Is there a way for me to upload all the images, css files etc. at the same time so that I don't have to re-host them individually and find the place the url needs to be added to the main email html?

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Re: Importing landing page template

Hi Eoin,

 The images most certainly would need to be hosted on Marketo itself - in the design studio -> Images and files. Once this is done the new URL created for the image (Within Marketo) would need to be referenced.  And ss far as I understand, the CSS files also would need to be re-done as per Marketo email editor coding practices.

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Karan Hari

Karan Hari
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Re: Importing landing page template

Marketo's landing page and file hosting isn't a blank folder where you can simply paste another folder, but it's not hard to "import" a landing page

  • Host your assets either on your own file server or in Marketo (hosting on your own server makes things easier since you can preserve the folder structure).
  • Create a new landing page template and paste the HTML in there.
  • Use find and replace to prepend or replace base URLs of assets in the LP template.
  • If you're hosting css or js assets in Marketo, don't forget to find and replace any src URLs in these files too
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Re: Importing landing page template

Great - thank you!

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Re: Importing landing page template

... and for a little icing on the cake...

While it doesn't make a difference in terms of the file path, I still like to setup a folder structure similar to what you'd see outside of Marketo. When I create a new template, I'll create a new folder inside the images/files folder for my template and then nest the "sub-directory" folders inside that.

Something like:

> Images/Files 

  • 19q3 LP Template Assets
    • images
    • css
    • js

All the files will still come from the same ".../images/" folder in Marketo, but this lets me stay a little more organized as I work and I think it's helpful for anyone who'd come behind me to pick up this project in terms of being easy to understand and find things.