Implementing Dynamics 365 and Marketo

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Implementing Dynamics 365 and Marketo

I'm at an organization that's beginning to syncing Marketo with their Dynamics 365. I'm having trouble finding clear documentation on when a person is created in Marketo, do they push to Dynamics as a lead or a contact? And if it does create a lead, does it pull in a lead source? 

Another thing I'm wondering about is what the stars and flames reporting actually looks like within Dynamics. Is it an out of the box report or something we have to set up?

Thank you for any help!


Re: Implementing Dynamics 365 and Marketo

Hi Amanda,

a person created in Marketo doesn't get pushed to MSD automatically, but you need to define who goes to MSD. You do that by using a smart campaign with "Sync Person to Microsoft" action in the flow step. Here you define if a person is pushed to MSD as a lead or as a contact. You can also assign a lead/contact to a specific MSD user.

The "stars and flames" are based on Marketo Sales Insight plugin and you need to install first. It works "out of the box". For start, I recommend you to read the documentation on the topic: Marketo Sales Insight - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

Kind regards, Matjaž 

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Re: Implementing Dynamics 365 and Marketo