Identifying Merged Leads

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Identifying Merged Leads

Hi There,

We've been running into some issues lately with merged leads. We just want to run a report to see how many leads' scores have accumulated.  Is there a way to pull them in a smart list? I've run through many filters but can't find a way to pull on these leads.

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Re: Identifying Merged Leads


I'm not sure I totally understand as these are two questions:

  • Merged Leads - once this is done, there's no way to pull a list of "people who were merged in the past 30 days". Maybe a tool like RingLead can do this, but Marketo itself cannot.
  • Merging does ADD the scores together.
  • If you want to see a list of leads and their scores, just use the filters and then use Edit View to make sure Lead Score is in there. It is by default though.
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Re: Identifying Merged Leads

Hi Colleen,

It is a bit of a workaround but it might serve your purpose. Try running a smart list with the filter "lead was created" and a constraint of a minimum of 2 times.

If you are using a traditional scoring model, your lead score will be a combination of behavioral and demographic. When leads merge, the lead score of the two records add up but the behavioral and demographic are those of the winning record.