How to manage Outlook's "Follow Up Required" feature?

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How to manage Outlook's "Follow Up Required" feature?

I want to double check something with the community regarding a complaint we received.

Someone replied to our email blast with: "While I find your emails somewhat informative, I do not want ANY emails that specify a “follow up” in outlook.  It is not up to you to prescribe any follow ups for subscribers. If this happens again I will terminate my subscription and tell others here what I think of this bad practice"

I think this issue is not something we can change, and that 'followup' marking does not come from us. I think it's happening because Outlook deciding that the email is not Spam, and is coming from a trusted sender. Right? So that seems like a good thing for our email deliverability. But of course we don't want our customers to be angry either.

Any suggestions how to reply to something like this? Am I missing something?

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Re: How to manage Outlook's "Follow Up Required" feature?

Q should be in Products​. "Community" is for issues with the Marketo Nation itself -- and yes, this is confusing.

You're right, you aren't doing this. This person is misinformed. It could be that they actually have rules set up in Outook to set Flag for Follow-Up, ​a built-in field. I don't know what you can do to inform them that they're to blame without further annoying them, however.