How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

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Re: How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

Your use case:

we're using our own landing pages and invitation emails while letting Zoom send confirmation and reminder emails to people who have registered

is exactly what we're doing with my method. What advantages do you see of doing it this way vs the built in integration method?

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Re: How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

I haven't looked deep into the technical side of things, but I guess at face value the advantage is that this is simpler to set up

Disadvantage - because it's simple, you don't get the writeback values to Marketo including whether a person attended or not, we have to manually change the status

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Re: How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

I definitely need help on the API Key for a Client ID and Secret ID as well as understanding if we need custom objects. We will run only 1 instance of Zoom, and we have the program connected to Zoom in Marketo, we can get registrations through the form, but any registrations inside of Zoom that were not captured by our form is not linking to Marketo. I assume this is why the request campaign trigger is needed. And I'm not sure about the webhook. How is that used to send back to Zoom and Vice Versa?

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Re: How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

Are you able to use a universal form for webinar registrations? I create a new landing page for each webinar program, but was intending to use the fills out form > webpage is... option. However, when testing this, it registered me for every single webinar i had available and changed my program status to registered for every single webinar Program in Marketo. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

@Traci_Taylor did you ever find a solution for the issue you outlined above?

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Re: How to Integrate Zoom with Marketo

Using the webpage as constraint here can be a bit tricky. Generally using referrer for this purpose works more reliably.