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How can I remove SF integration

Hi there,

We have got our Marketo instance back after long, but before we had integrated with Salesforce CRM, now we switched to Microsoft Dynamics, so I need to remove Salesforce integration completely but I am unable to do, as checked-in Admin as well, only option I am getting to disable or enable SF sync but not showing option to delete it from the instance and integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. Can any point me in the right direction?

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Re: How can I remove SF integration

It's not possible. You'll need to replace your Marketo instance.

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Re: How can I remove SF integration

I would get in touch with your Marketo rep regarding a new instance for a new CRM connection. Once a CRM has been integrated via the native CRM connector (SFDC or DCRM) you cannot reconnect a new type of CRM or even a new instance of the same CRM.

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Re: How can I remove SF integration

Talk with your Marketo rep about options, but know this is a major undertaking. The likely remedy will be a clone of your existing instance (program shells with deactivated smart campaigns and no leads/contacts) that you will then need to reconstruct after connecting new CRM and running through all individual object field mappings (which you want to get 100% right). 

Note: I conducted a similar rebuild about 5 years ago - there may be different pathways/processes available to you now than when I did it. 

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Re: How can I remove SF integration

Working on a similar project right now, my #1 tip would be to not migrate 99% of your current instance.

Your Marketo CSM will help point you in the right direction, but in my opinion, as long as you are taking on such a massive project, you might as well take the opportunity to clean up a little bit! Data, programs, old templates, you name it.