Help! Drip and nurture engagement program

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Help! Drip and nurture engagement program


I am very new to engagement programs. I have recently created an engagement drip and nurture program.for our developers.Currently active right now is one stream, where new leads get added to the program when the email is released.

So far the 'Welcoming and onboarding':

1. first email was an introduction to our developer website

2. Second email is for users to download a free trial with links to the website,

3.Third email is an educational email for training and certification and then

4. the fourth email is for them to sign up to our monthly newsletter of that developer program

- (I am a member of the program for testing purposes) For some reason I keep getting sent Email 1 - I don't want to keep sending the same email every two weeks as I want the next email (email 1, then 2, 3 and so forth) - Do I still keep getting sent the same email because I didn't click on any of the links? How do people usually set this up so I don't keep getting the same email twice?

Would you recommend the below? email b - could be the same email but with another subject line?


- Email 4 was supposed to be released today but when I check out the 'batch campaign schedule' smart campaign it didn't run when in the stream it was set for today (Since I got the first email in the series) My smart campaigns sit outside my engagement program- I got the first email send tho and I checked the '01 Add to program' and it uploaded on Sunday.


pastedImage_2.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-16 at 08.23.55.png

Any help or insight much appreciated.

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Re: Help! Drip and nurture engagement program


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Then read the very carefully. I see a few pitfalls here.

  1. Program and Entry batches outside the engagement likely won't work as desired.
  2. Remail non openers is a waste of time, IMO and just adds complexity.
  3. What are your entry conditions to the top of the stream?
  4. What are the smart lists for each Program batch?