Error approving program

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Error approving program

We have set up a program that looks like it's ready to send. But when we click on 'Approve Program', we get the error message below. There are no details about what is causing this, or suggestions on what to fix. So the error message is quite useless.

Does anyone have suggestions on what is causing this? We are on a deadline and I can't find any resources on the Community pages to help.




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Re: Error approving program

Because you have timezone set, you are likely getting an error because you need to approve the program at least 25 hours BEFORE the 930am in timezone. Usually it says something more specific.

If you change the time and it still doesn't work, send it to support.

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Re: Error approving program

I have been able to approve a Email Program set with recipient time zone within the 25 hour period myself. In that case, I would imagine that all individuals that have passed the time zone would receive the email at the same time regardless of the time zone.

Perhaps you can try to clone the program and re-approve. That is something that has worked for me with both emails and programs.