Hard Bounce/Invalid Email - Engagement Program

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Hard Bounce/Invalid Email - Engagement Program

Scenario: A lead qualifies for an email program - receives Email 1 - then bounces/is invalid. However, a sales rep is notified of an invalid email address and corrects the email address (and re-selects a certain status in Salesforce for the lead to qualify for the smart campaign again). How can I make Marketo recognize this lead to qualify -  even though I have set the smart campaign to allow leads to only run through once?

We would like the lead to start the engagement program from the very beginning but I am not sure how to do this. Do I need to clone the engagement program and create a whole new smart campaign to filter for these leads?  Any advice would be extremely helpful.
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Re: Hard Bounce/Invalid Email - Engagement Program

I think I'd probably do it the way you mentioned - can't think of another way to push that lead back into the smart campaign if it's set to run through only once. 
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Re: Hard Bounce/Invalid Email - Engagement Program

The question is really did the lead get pulled from the Engagement when it was marked as Invalid=TRUE?

Unless you have a campaign doing that, the answer is the email is still active in the Engagement, so resetting the email and setting Invalid=FALSE (which should be an automatic process), will have the lead ready for the next Cast.

Now if you want to restart that lead, I recommend:
  1. If lead bounces/invalid/etc, pull out of Engagement
  2. if Email Address Changes AND Invalid=TRUE, then set Invalid=FALSE
  3. If lead was Member of Campaign 1, and Invalid becomes FALSE, then Add to Engagement Program
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Re: Hard Bounce/Invalid Email - Engagement Program

Hi Josh,

Thank you very much for your reply. We haven't implemented these campaigns - I am still developing and testing.

a. The thing with this nurture is that its not built as an engagement program. It is actually a set of 3 different smart campaigns (because it relies on triggers and isn't on a regular cadence). Therefore, unfortunately I would not be able to pull out of engagement (1.) or add back to engagement (3.).

b. Could I instead (1.) Make member of program FALSE. (2.) Then, when email changes, change Invalid = TRUE to Invalid = FALSE. (3.) Since it is no longer recognized as a member, would it be able to run through the campaigns again at the next scheduled run?

c. Also, I've been reading that when an email address is updated in Salesforce, a new lead is created in Marketo. Is this true? This would completely change my game plan.

Thank you very much for your time.