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Generating automated report -

I am trying to find out if I can generate an automated weekly report on 6 emails we send out. Currently I have been running a smart list weekly, on each individual email, asking who had clicked on URL links within it. Below is the way I generate it manually, then download in Excel and send to sales reps.


What I have been tasked with doing, is finding out if I can generate an automated report on these email so I don't physically have to run each one? This is a whole new area to me and I am a complete Marketo newbie.

What I don't understand is each week the email heading changes: (we put email name of product and then date: ABC 05012016 or ABC 06012016) If the email name changes weekly then I am thinking that I will have to manually do this weekly? I am unsure how automated reports work and are set up. Any assistant would be helpful. Thanks

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Re: Generating automated report -

Hi Karla,

You can subscribe to smart lists (list action -> new smart list subscription). This will remove from you the burden of doing the export and sending the list.

You would be able to get such a report in RCE, but not in email performance, nor lead performance, since you will not be able to get the lead details there.