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Gated content for Opting In contacts

Hi everyone,

We wanted to gate some of our content. In this case, we would send out an email, where the link would send them to the form. Once submitted, they will go directly to the content they were looking for. As everyone we send to will already be in Marketo, the only new data should be the opt in field.

Is there a way to skip past this form if the opt in field is already checked?

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Re: Gated content for Opting In contacts

Yes, when you edit form go to the Form Settings > Settings and show custom HTML for Known Visitors.  You will need to so this with some custom HTML.

Otherwise you can choose visibility rules for each field in the form and choose to show or not based on Opted in status

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Re: Gated content for Opting In contacts

Let's be a bit clearer:

Email>Clicks Link>Visits Page with Form>Fills Out Form > Content

If you need to have an Opt In field on the Form, then it has to be displayed if FALSE.  But if the Lead is Known and you follow Jamie's advice to set the Known Visits HTML, the entire Form is skipped and there is no Opt In option. So all of your leads will be Known and skip this form.

Instead, you can leave prefill on all the visible fields and display Opt In if Opt In=F. This will still reduce friction to clicking a button.

I personally would be reluctant to not display the Optin at all times because regulations are a bit fuzzy on this point and it should be allowed to opt out if previously opted in.

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Re: Gated content for Opting In contacts

Thanks Josh.

I like the idea of displaying the Opt In field if Opt In=F, but within the visibility rules, I am unable to choose this. Any ideas?


Everyone has the option to opt out within the email they receive, so that option is still available. Also, if a contact really wanted to get around the form, the could do a search on our website and find the content.

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Re: Gated content for Opting In contacts

Heather, what you're talking about is the "self-hiding field" pattern, which you've correctly realized can't be done with Visibility Rules.  I posted the solution here relatively recently, so search the Community for that term.