Form 2.0 email validation

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Form 2.0 email validation

Hi Guys 

We would like to seek and advice or answer if this is a possible or not
We’re looking forward to work on an approach that will give whitelisted registrants direct access to the PDF link in Thank you page itself once the finish filled up the form . Will it be possible to have a validation inside of the form? Could the advance thank you page accept the multiple values once we use the email to validate our competitor and send different thank you landing page. Please see the attached file.


would it be possible to add java script to validate the specific competitors and set specific landing page for those competitors by editing the embedded code in the Form2.0

Thank you guys for your support
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Re: Form 2.0 email validation

Why not use the Known Lead function under Settings?

I suppose you could create jquery to call a smart list of approved leads. Check for API details.

Another option is to use an autoresponder instead. If the lead is NOT a competitor, send the email with the link.

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Re: Form 2.0 email validation

@Eduardo S WIth some very simple JavaScript in the onSuccess handler, you could easily check the form value against an array of known competitors.  If you wanted to call back into Marketo (or into your own server) to dynamically get a list of approved email domains, that would be quite a bit of overhead for what is still an easily bypassable restriction -- but still quite easy using an Ajax call in onSuccess.  

I think adding more choices in the Advanced Thank You Page is probably easier for you to manage, unless you're a developer.