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Font choices in Marketo

In order to be consistent with our company branding I need to be able to format text in emails, forms, landing pages, etc. with a specific font - Myriad Pro or Open Sans. I know, I know, not everyone will have these fonts loaded on their computer so a default font will be used in it's place. I get all that. If the only fonts available are the ones shown on the drop-down above then I have to go back to my boss and say, "sorry, Marketo isn't capable of doing what we need to maintain our branding standards." I'm seriously hoping I won't have to do that and that there is a simple solution to setting up standard fonts of my choosing. Any suggestions?

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Re: Font choices in Marketo

Clint, you can use whatever fonts you want in Marketo assets, including setting purchased fonts as the default.

But showing fonts into the Rich Text Editor dropdown is a different matter, and it's only possible if you have a very skilled developer (not officially supported).

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Re: Font choices in Marketo

And also, pay attention to what you are doing in emails... It's fully safe in landing pages, but some email clients (our beloved outlook) may not display correctly certain font and, as a result, your emails might look very weird, so test it before sending.


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Re: Font choices in Marketo

Hey Clint,

If you are looking for custom font support we have that with our Pro email editor in Knak. It's fully integrated with Marketo so you get the best of both worlds.