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Field Value Missing

We have a lead status field in SFDC sync'd with a Lead Status field in Marketo. Two new values were added to the field on the SFDC side, but for some reason, those values are not showing up in the chooser in Marketo when setting up smart lists.  Any idea what the issue could be?

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Re: Field Value Missing

If you have this mapped to a contact field, the value will only appear when it is a shared option for both the lead and contact picklists.  I'd check there first.

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Re: Field Value Missing

If Kenny's tip is not the solution then look into record types, that may control which values are in fact usable.


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Re: Field Value Missing

Usually the picklist value will only appear if there is at least one lead with such a value. Marketo does not completely 'understand" picklists from SFDC. Yes, it will warn you if the SFDC picklist changes, but it's not inherently part of the database.