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Favorite Survey Tool?

What is your favorite (reasonably priced) survey tool that you use that integrates with Marketo??

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Re: Favorite Survey Tool?

What features do you want? Check launchpoint.

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Re: Favorite Survey Tool?

Hi Ashely,

The launchPoint lists mainly 2 products: SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics. Both are good products.

  • SurveyMonkey is cheaper, but you'll need a high end version if you want to get the full Marketo connector. This connector is needed only if you want to track which lead has entered the survey and send back survey answers to Marketo. the free version is enough if you only want to send the survey link to a target list.
  • Qualtrics has more functional depth and is more expensive. But Qualtrics customers are usually very happy. It also integrates well with SFDC for post-case satisfaction surveys for instance.


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Re: Favorite Survey Tool?

Hi Ashley,

You asked this question some time ago, but I hope you're still interested in surveys for Marketo. I work at Survicate, and I'd like to invite you to check it out.

Survicate is the all-in-one customer surveys software for collecting actionable feedback across all digital touchpoints. It integrates with Marketo, and it is the official Marketo's LaunchPoint Partner.

With Survicate you can profile and qualify your leads faster, segment prospects and build Smart Lists using survey feedback, trigger Smart Campaigns based on survey responses, and even prequalify your anonymous visitors.


Survicate specializes in micro-surveys which are unobtrusive, perfect for in-the-moment research and more effective than traditional questionnaires. You can run surveys directly on your website or embed them in your emails. The answers are sent directly to Marketo in the real-time and saved as lead fields and lead activities. What's more, there's no need to ask your respondents for contact info.

Last but not least, Survicate offers more reasonable pricing than other survey tools integrated with Marketo .

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Re: Favorite Survey Tool?

Maria, I have to be the bearer of bad news for this and your other posts today: they all should be removed because they violate community rules. Promoting your own products isn't allowed on the Nation site.


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Re: Favorite Survey Tool?

Sorry Sanford, I was just answering questions about the topic related to my field. I wasn't aware I can't embed the links to our site. I provide answers to questions when people asked about a survey tool which integrates to Marketo, but of course, I can remove the links.