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Facebook Lead ads token

I am looking to create a sales alert when a facebook lead ads is filled out. 


Are there any tokens available to include more details about the lead ads such as 
- Lead Ad Campaign Name

- Lead Ad ID

- Lead Ad Name

- Lead Ad Set Name

- Lead Ad Form Name






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Re: Facebook Lead ads token

Hi Moritz,


I'm not terribly familiar with Facebook Lead Ads, but one work around might be using custom Marketo tokens.


Do you create Marketo programs for each Facebook Lead ad, 1 to 1? 


If so, I would try using My tokens (the ones individual to each program or inherited down from a folder) to include all of that information. I would create a program template with tokens for each of those details. Since you can't save a blank token value and these would all be text tokens, I would write instructions in the value (i.e. UPDATE THIS TOKEN WITH FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGN NAME - Example: GBL_PM_FB_AW_ID113). 


If not, I hope someone with more Facebook Lead Ads experience can teach us both something. 🙂 



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Re: Facebook Lead ads token

Good suggestion from, @Jessica_Dobson3! Alternatively, IMHO you could also set these fields and hardcode their values in FB form as tracking parameters and have those mapped with the Marketo custom Person fields. Given that you've set the apt values for the tracking parameters in the Lead Ads forms, you'd see the values coming into Marketo when the person fills out the Facebook Lead Ads form.


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Re: Facebook Lead ads token

Hi Moritz...


Saw your question on Facebook Lead Ad Forms and I have the same query. Unfortunately, {{trigger.Lead Ad Campaign Name}} isn't accessible to write on the Marketo lead dynamically when a membership smart campaign is triggered by the Filled Out Facebook Form activity. This means that the value needs to be sent as a hidden field in the Facebook form AND that a form needs to be created for each individual campaign or ad depending on how detailed you want your tracking to be. This really is a terrible design on both Marketo and Facebooks part. 


  • Marketo for not letting you use the {{trigger.Lead Ad Campaign Name}} value even though you can use it to filter a smart campaign
  • Facebook for not allowing you to insert the FB campaign name into a hidden field on the form for tracking purposes. 

Either solution would have worked great!