Extracting Data related to Landing Page

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Extracting Data related to Landing Page

Hello Everyone,

Can you please help me to understand how to get to the below report from Bulk Activity Extract. 


Type Name Total Views Conversions New Names First Activity Last Activity  Twitter Facebook Linkedin Google+
Page ProgramName.LandingPageName 46 0 0 Apr 12, 2021 6:09 PM Apr 30, 2021 10:24 AM 0 0 0 0



This above report is Landing Page Performance in Marketo. I can browse all the landing pages and get landingPageId and other attributes of those landing pages. But when I am trying to count all PageView Activity(Activity Type Id =1), all I get is webPageID(in Primary Attribute column). I can not find a way to connect webPageId to landingPageId.


Any help is appriciated

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Re: Extracting Data related to Landing Page

Hi there,


Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge this isn't possible, you can't extract report information via API. You would need to extract bulk activity information via the API for the activities you are interested in, and then construct the report on your side.



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Re: Extracting Data related to Landing Page

Like Phil says, Marketo does not have a “Reports API“ where reports can be generated on the server and downloaded.


(The only very partial exception to this is the ability to download Smart List members. But that still would not rotate the data in a page-centric way, since SLs are return lists of leads.)


You can read more about the Web Page ID in this post: