Re: EXTRA-LARGE Unsubscribe Page

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EXTRA-LARGE Unsubscribe Page

I had someone send an email back to me asking to unsubscribe them. Most of the time, I will simply use the unsubscribe link in the email rather than go and find them in MKTO and do it manually. I've notice that when I click the link, the unsubscribe page is HUGE!!! It's as if someone increased the resolution by 400%.Has anyone else noticed this? What gives?

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Re: EXTRA-LARGE Unsubscribe Page


I would strongly advise not to click the link in the email sent to the prospect. This may associate your own munchkin tracking history with their person record.

If you feel manually unsubscribing the person is too much work, look into an email reply management tool like Siftrock. Siftrock can categorize the email reply type and update a person in Marketo.

As for the resolution, I would first make sure your browser window is not zoomed in.