Examples of Marketo Mobile Landing Page?

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Examples of Marketo Mobile Landing Page?

Does anyone have examples that they'd like to share of landing pages that have been completely designed in Marketo with the new mobile feature?

I'd really like to build and desing the landing page in Marketo but we are struggling so we are looking for inspiration.

Thanks in advacne for your help!

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Re: Examples of Marketo Mobile Landing Page?

Hi John,

Here is a landing page that makes use of the new mobile feature I recently published.

This was a template from Marketo's template library that we played around with in the design editor, turning certian elements on and off for the mobile view.

It's nothing special as I had very little content to work with, but perhaps it will get your creative juices flowing.

I'll be interested to see what other folks have done as well!

Best of luck,