Engagement Nurture - "Executive View"

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Engagement Nurture - "Executive View"

I'm looking for a way to demonstrate our Marketo programs to non-Marketo users within the business. We have a variety of Engagement Nurture programs associated with different stages of the Lead Funnel, as many companies do, and I'd like to be able to share that program architecture to other areas of the business. Ideally, it would show a high-level structure of the program, but also allow for a user to click in to see what email content is currently live in the program. Having the ability to see program/stream performance in that view would be great too.

I know nothing exists like this out of the box, but has anyone been able to create something custom that does this?

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  • If you have RCE, you can show Program Success and/or Goal of each Engagement. If Engagement 1's goal is to make a Lead MQL, how many leads did that over time? Maybe Tableau can do this too. You can show emails in RCE, but not in the same report.
  • Lucidchart - map it out and describe the content by Stream
    • add some data
  • Why do people need to click down to the email level? How would that help? You could just keep a sheet of each one with the Email Name or Title they could look at.
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Re: Engagement Nurture - "Executive View"

Hi Ryan O'Shea​ ,

Like Josh suggested, Using "Lucid Charts" with hyperlinked data has helped me a lot in the past to showcase, explain and demonstrate complex engagement programs and nurture used cases to clients & key stake holders.

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Karan Hari

Karan Hari
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