Embed a GIF into email

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Embed a GIF into email


Does anyone have tips on how to embed a screencast video into marketo emails? Ideally, we want the video to automatically play (like a GIF) with the email copy (no extra clicks etc.).



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Re: Embed a GIF into email

You can use HTML5 <video> tags, but it will only work for a minority of email clients (Apple Mail perhaps?).

Usually people have a picture of the video (a gif is also nice) with an overlayed "play" triangle that can record the click event and links through to the streaming media.

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Re: Embed a GIF into email

+1 I Agree that embedding a GIF in the email with a nice "play" graphic is a great approach - has worked very well for us! Just make sure to manage your GIF file size.

In one instance, I used Photoshop to manually drop unnecessary frames from the image and adjust the frame rate so that it would still look somewhat natural. Here's a simple example where I was given a 46MB GIF that we were able to get down to 710KB.


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Re: Embed a GIF into email

What Nicho said, plus even in the minimal cases in which it works you won't get metrics on the play (i.e. Munchkin or Vimeo JS tracking et al.). Best to draw people out of the email realm and into the browser as early as possible.