Re: Email primary on account with cc: to others

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Email primary on account with cc: to others

Hi! I'm curious if anyone has ever set up an email where the primary on an account is in the 'to:' section of an email and all other members associated with the account are cc:ed. I'd like to be able to do this in mass if possible, meaning I'd like to be able to email multiple accounts at the same time with their teams cc:ed. Please let me know if anyone has figured out how to do this. Thx!

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Re: Email primary on account with cc: to others

You can't use the CC: feature with fields from leads other than the lead that qualifies to receive the email.


In other words:

  • you can CC: someone's Alternate Email Address field in addition to their own Email Address
  • you can't CC: someone else's Email Address
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Re: Email primary on account with cc: to others

Can't say 100% but I don't think this is possible.


What I will say though, is that I'm not sure it's a good idea. Since you'd be only actually sending a single email (instead of one email per recipient) you won't be able to clearly understand engagement, deliverability, etc. Everyone getting that same email will trigger a delivery, an open, a click, etc., PLUS you might right into mixing up cookie values that way too if a CC recipient clicks the link (which has the marketo token value in it for the primary recipient) so you'd now cookie the wrong person as the primary contact. To avoid that, you'd have to disable that, which just perpetuates your inability to understand how your prospects are engaging with your emails and website.


Sorry to be a downer, just some of my thoughts when seeing the question!