Email Performance Reports not matching up?

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Email Performance Reports not matching up?

Hello all, 

Just diving into email reporting metrics

Question regarding the Email Performance Report

When I run an email performance report of my whole universe for FY18 here are the metrics I receive


But when I run the same dates on the Email Insights report I get completely different Numbers. Especially on the total Send (2.01m to 4.12m)

Any ideas why this is happening?


Any insights would be great!

Thanks, Mark

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Re: Email Performance Reports not matching up?

Mark McGriff‌ do you ever have instances where a lead would receive the same email multiple times (like an transactional email in design studio)? If so, that could account for the discrepancy in the sends.

In MLM (Email performance report) if you send the same email 6 times to the same lead, MLM counts this as 1 email sent.

I am not sure how email insights counts this but I know RCE would count that as 6 sends.