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Email Performance report

My email performance report is providing unrealistic data for my email, 100% delivery and 100% open rate when a deeper dive shows a more true rate of 18%. I'd like to understand potential drivers of this sort of a discrepancy? Are there any suggestions for how I may trouble shoot? I've already confirmed that my reporting is pointing to the correct email.

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Re: Email Performance report

If you are validating data for the sake of validating data, I would recommend to stay away from this if possible.  The reports do not use the same calculations as you would in a Smart List from a logic perspective.  There are a lot of data implications in reports and it would take multiple smarts lists to validate multiple data pieces.

I'd recommend that you use the method/asset that best meets your needs and go from there.  Completely IMO!

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Re: Email Performance report

Are you saying it's not reasonable to use the Email Performance report to gain an understanding of email performance? Or are you saying you should not expect an exact replication of data between the Email Performance report and Smart List results?

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Re: Email Performance report

What does your deep dive entail?  Do you have any filters in the Smart List tab?  Does your email send to the same audience of people more than once?  There's a few things that can influence what your report is actually calculating and that could differ from your expectations.  It's hard to suggest what it could be without knowing how your report is actually set up versus knowing how you came up with the 18% number (open rate?).  Support can dig into it if you open a ticket with a link to the report and your separately calculated data points.