Email Campaign with alert does not work

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Email Campaign with alert does not work

Have set up an Email campaign in Marketo with the following flow:

I have tested the campaign by sending me a test email, clicked the link but the flow did not start as planned. I have tried with others in the company and it did not work either. 

The campaign is copied from another program (where it initially worked well) and I have updated all the relevant campaign links so that the flow is in line with the new campaign.

Any idea what could be wrong?

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Here’s the Marketo Campaign:

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Re: Email Campaign with alert does not work

We can't see campaigns in your Marketo instance. (This is A Good Thing.)

Always build Smart Campaigns up from activities/activity details that are proven to exist in a sample lead's Activity Log. You need to look at the ActLog and compare to your steps.

But the bigger problem that shouts out to me here is that you're triggering on Clicks Link in Email. This means you're triggering on events that are not human in origin at least 50% of the time.