Edit landing page footer

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Edit landing page footer

Currently building landing pages, and this is probably incredibly obvious, but how do I edit the contents of the footer on landing page template? I.e. rename Terms of Service. TIA


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Re: Edit landing page footer

Hey Dan,

You might need to add an editable area around your content to be able to make changes to it from within the Landing Page editor.

Depending on which version of the editor you're using, this could look a few ways. If you're using the "Free-Form" Landing Pages, you might need to include a class="mktoContent" to the outer-most element (wrapper). Here's some more info on that: Create a Free-form Landing Page Template - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

If you're working with Guided Landing Pages, welcome to the future! There are more options for editable areas in the Guided environment, here's a link to some docs on setting that up: Create a Guided Landing Page Template - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

... on a guided landing page ...

As an example, it might look something like this before you add the editable areas:

<div class="copyright"> &copy; 2017 Company Name Inc. </div>

<div class="links"><a ...>Privacy Policy</a> | <a...>Terms of Service</a></div>

It might look something more like this after you add the editable areas:

<div class="mktoText copyright" id="edit_Copyright" mktoName="edit Copyright"> &copy; 2017 Company Name Inc. </div>

<div class="mktoText links" id="edit_Links" mktoName="edit Footer Links"><a ...>Privacy Policy</a> | <a...>Terms of Service</a></div>

Hope this helps, if not, let me know which version you are using and if you can post a simplified version of your code, I'd be happy to help plug in the right pieces to get you moving.

Good luck!


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Re: Edit landing page footer

I just ran into this issue myself for updating copyright footers to 2018.

1) Go to the LP that requires update

2) On the right side of the browser window is info regarding that LP. There will be a template listed there.

3) Click that template link and then click Edit Draft tab

4) Update footer info

5) Approve & close template

6) LP should now reflect footer update