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Dynamic content and multi select form field

Hey guys!   

I'm currently building a new web content program and would like to offer the option to download 1 or up to 4 of our pdf resources. For instance, a person receives an email which prompts them to go to the content landing page. The form on that page would have a checkbox field offering content A, B, C, and D.  The person would select which pieces of content they want and depending on which boxes were checked after the form is complete, they are then directed to a follow-up page with links to those particular resources.  In addition, they would also receive a follow-up email with those resources as well.

My question is - is this even possible?  If so, what would be the best way to accomplish this? 

Any ideas/feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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Re: Dynamic content and multi select form field

It's totally possible, and doesn't even rise to the level of "complex" -- but you can't do it without a little bt of JS.


[1] On the Follow Up page, have a hidden form that has the same multivalued field on it. (Note: do not use a {{lead.token}} as you might first assume.)


[2] Pass the submitted value explicitly in the URL from one page to the next.

Use JS to read the value, split it on the ";" and create links.

In the follow-up email, use Velocity to split on ";" and create the different links, otherwise same idea.