Re: Domain alias and redirect url problem.

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Domain alias and redirect url problem.


I've created a new domain alias with the name "" to redirect the landing pages of my main domain ( to that domain, since google adwords requires the domain to be the same on the preview adwords link.

The problem is when i make the redirect rule to go to that landing page, everytime i click on the link it converts the same to the main domain of the website because the default link defined was .

It's a little bit tricky to understand cause it creates the link e.g. of the landing page but on click it opens like

But it was working before without converting to default link.

What can i do to fix this?

Thanks,David Pereira

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Re: Domain alias and redirect url problem.

That's what the domain alias does - it  lets you create a URL for a microsite and then redirects the person to the actual page. Kinda like a short link.

Add additional Landing Page CNAMEs (Administration) - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

I'm not really sure how to keep the visible URL to since it sounds like the domain alias is doing what it is supposed to.

Does Adwords care?

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Re: Domain alias and redirect url problem.

Yes, it must have the same domain of the visible url in the ads for adwords to aprove it.. new rules.

So.. i have one landing page with this name and i want to have the same landing page but like this There's a way to do that?

When i created the domain alias with the default it let me pick the url to start with "" + landing page name, and creates it like this on the redirect rule and this is what i want.

The problem is when clicking on it, the url changes to, and gets no where..

Is it possible to do that? I'm asking cause it worked for a while without making the conversion.