Does RTP work if I clear my cache?

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Does RTP work if I clear my cache?

Alright I'm not sure the best way to ask this question, but here it goes... we have a campaign running in RTP created for just our customers.  We built the segment by looking at SFDC Type.  So, SFDC Type = Contacts is the actual segment.  I am listed as a customer and this morning I cleared my cache and the Customer Only Campaign went away and I am now seeing a lower priority campaign.  Why is that?  Does clearing cache delete a CRM Segment? I know Marketo RTP does reverse IP look up, but does that trump field specific segmentation? Am I missing something here??

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Re: Does RTP work if I clear my cache?


When you clear the cache you might also be clearing the cookies.  You should check on that.  If you clear your cookies then Marketo (or Salesforce) will not know you are a previous customer.

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Re: Does RTP work if I clear my cache?

IPs are not unique identifiers, so a reverse IP lookup cannot tell you who a person is, only what network they are accessing your site from.  RTP uses cookies to identify specific browser sessions which are associated to your lead record, so if you've cleared your cookies, then you will no longer be know.  If you're using the "clear browsing data" function in your browser to clear your cache, then you're likely also clearing your cookies and removing your association to your personal record in RTP.

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Re: Does RTP work if I clear my cache?

Hi Jessica,

Because you are segmenting by known lead fields: SFDC Type = Contacts, this relies on the visitor being a Marketo lead and has the Marketo cookie on your site.

So clearing your cookies, will not be able to match this visitor in a web personalization segment and will not show them a personalized campaign.

If you used an account-based marketing approach, and uploaded a Named Account list of company names of your existing customers, then Web Personalization will identify the customer by from the ABM company list using reverse IP technology, and even if they have cleared their cookies.

So you can show them personalized campaigns to existing customers in this approach also. (Note: this would mean updating the Customer named account list, as customers come and go.)

Both approaches work, depends on which one you prefer.