Do I need specific/individual forms?

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Do I need specific/individual forms?

Let's say that I have a campaign for an eBook1. Let's call it eBook1. It has an eBook1 landing page that uses a Marketo Form called "eBook Download".

Then, let's say that I have a campaign for an eBook2 (called eBook2). It has an eBook2 landing page that uses the exact same Marketo Form called "eBook Download".

In the eBook1 campaign Flow, we're using a trigger that says "Remove from Flow if Form is completed: eBook Download"

Then, in the eBook2 campaign, we're using the same trigger.

How do I make sure that somebody doesn't get removed from the eBook2 flow if they fill out the form on the eBook1 landing page?

Thanks! Sorry if this is too complicated / confusing.


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Re: Do I need specific/individual forms?

There are a number of ways of achieving this result. Here are the first two that come to mind:

A. If you want to use the Fill out Form and the Remove from Flow, you will have to make a separate smart list (eBook 1 Download smart list) with a Filled out form filter (eBook Download) with the constraint "Web Page" (eBook1).  Here is how to Use Constraints in Smart Lists.

B. You can use a NOT filter on the smart list in eBook2 Campaign  - NOT filed out form with the constraint on Web Page (here is more on how to Use Inactivity Filters in a Smart List.)

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Re: Do I need specific/individual forms?

You should remember that if the Form is inside a Program, it has a long name:

Program Name.ebook form 1

So that your trigger would actually include the entire name from the two programs and shouldn't inherently collide based on name.

Now that is NOT true if your Form is located in Design Studio and you are using the exact same Form: "ebook download" in both Programs and triggers.

One way to handle this is what Alex suggests, which is always using Fills Out Form X on Page Y, which reduces the changes for a misfire caused by the same asset.

A better way may be to more carefully think through the logic and whether or not your forms are properly named in the first place.

I suspect the issue isn't the Form name as much as it is how your flow works. It sounds a bit off and you may want to post it here or describe more about what you are doing. for example, what you call a Trigger is not: Remove from Flow is a flow step and it is based on a historical value. What is your actual Trigger in the smart list?