Re: Demographic Scoring - Preventing accruals

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Demographic Scoring - Preventing accruals

Have come across an issue with our lead scoring and looking to the brains trust for some advice please.

For simplicity, we have two demographic profiles:

  1. Demo A = High Value = 10 points
  2. Demo B = Low Value = -30 points

Issue I'm seeing is that some leads are completing forms saying they are A = +10 points (10 points)

Sales review and change them to B = -30 points (-20 points)

Another form completed by lead saying they are A = +10 points (-10 points)

Sales changes again to B = -30 points (-40 points)

and so on...


Have found one lead with a demo score of -70. Technically they should be sitting at -30 based on Sales view of lead.

Any suggestions as to how I tweak my demo scoring Smart Campaign to prevent this cycle of accrual, and instead revert to fixed scores based on current profile?


I'm thinking some sort of Smart Campaign that runs overnight that basically resets demo scores to 0 and calculates new score based on current demo profile. Sounds clunky and resource (system) heavy though?


Or perhaps there's another solution...?


Thank you

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Re: Demographic Scoring - Preventing accruals

I don't have a fantastic answer that would serve all potential scenarios, but how about you let your demographic scoring campaigns only run once?


Yes, I know, that wouldn't account for a change in a demographic field, like a move into a higher scored Job Title or Industry, but it's still probably better than overscoring due to multiple runs through the same scoring campaign.

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Re: Demographic Scoring - Preventing accruals

I like @Michael_Florin's suggestion of only allowing people to process a single time. I would also suggest, that in general it is advisable not to have people end up with negative scores as it creates an arbitrary hole they have to climb out if. If you were to follow the methodology that no one goes below 0. You could add filters to your smart campaign & add choice in your flow so that at minimum you were just setting people back to 0, and not allowing them to go negative. 

Additional unsolicited advice - Why is there such a discrepancy in what the sales team things of this prospect and what the prospect is selecting on a form? It seems like you may have a disconnect on definition that should work to be solved as well as a technical issue. 

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Re: Demographic Scoring - Preventing accruals

Thanks both. Some good ideas to consider.


I'm not sure about allowing a lead to run through the campaign only once. It's important that our sales team qualifies and has the option to update the job title. Also want to be able to change score based on change in role, promotion, etc.


Don't mind the idea of avoiding negative scores. WIll need to consider how we capture negative actions like low quality job titles and unsubscribes etc. Perhaps have 50 as a starting score and go up/down from there?


And good callout re the discrepancy between lead and sales. Perhaps we need to look at our job title options/definitions to minimise the issue.

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Re: Demographic Scoring - Preventing accruals

You can avoid negative scores by resetting your demographic score value to 0 rather than subtracting points. Your 50 starting point sounds rather arbitrary. If you simply say if sales disqualify a lead their demographic score is defined as =0 (rather than -30) I think you would have a far more steady situation that reflects reality.