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Date/Time A/B Test

I'm trying to set up an A/B date/time test using an email program, but I'm realizing that you can only choose one email and then have it send out at different dates/time, however that's not what I want.  What I want to do is have Email A go out at 7am and Email B go out at 6pm.  The reasoning for this is, the email is a transactional email and I want to be able to track the conversions back to the specific promotion code associated with the email.  So for instance Email A has a promocode of 12345 and Email B has a promotion code of ABCDE, so if the A/B test can only send out Email A at 7am, and then 6pm, I won't be able to track the orders back appropriately.  So is there a workaround to this scenario? Thanks!

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Re: Date/Time A/B Test


For the A/B test Date/Time method, you can only select one email. I would just have a batch smart campaign send out the emails, so you won't need the email program at all. Just make a clone of the email so there is one with each promo code and have one batch campaign send Email A at 7a and another separate batch campaign send Email B at 6p.

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Re: Date/Time A/B Test

+1 on Devraj.

Also keep in mind that this isn't an AB test when you have more than one variable involved. Do Whole Email test at the same time OR different times of the day. Not both. It will be too difficult to see a real difference.