Conversion tracking based on Web Page Visit and Query Parameters

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Conversion tracking based on Web Page Visit and Query Parameters

Hi all, 

same as all marketers I'm trying to prove our contribution to conversion and I'm struggling a bit with associating conversion with a given campaign.

Short story

  • we have 3 email campaigns in each of those a user can click the upgrade link (with UTMs) to see our plans
  • at the same time sale team and organic visitors are coming to this page
  • I would like to know which conversions were done thanks to emails vs sales efforts vs organic traffic (FYI: there is no marketo form in the checkout process)


  • google analytics is able to recognize 78% of conversions and assign to the right channel (and to the right campaign if we have UTMs)
  • Marketo thanks to "Visited Web Page" smart list filter is able to record 72% conversion but I do not how to assign these to the right campaign

Considered solution

Option 1

I have created a Triggered campaign which listens who visited a success page "checkout/success/" and visited our website in the past 2 hours with URL containing Querystring "utm_source=email_crm" - we use this parameter in all our email campaigns. Flow step action simply changes program status. The main downside of this solution is the success ratio. My solution assigned to my campaigns twice fewer conversions than Google Analytics.

Smart List


Flow Step


Option 2 - under consideration 

I'm wondering about the possibility to pass some UTMs from the entry page user clicked in our emails to the success page. I'm wondering if there any downsides or risks related to this solution before I will request Front End team resources


As you can see above at 17:55 user visited our rate plans page with our "Query Parameters=utms_source=email_crm(...)"  below activity details


unfortunately a few minutes later on the success page "Query Parameters" at the moment, there is no data at all

If I could have data in "Query Parameters" (or somewhere else in activity details) about entry page (from my email) with all tracking parameters I could easily assign such conversion to my email campaigns.

I would like to involve our developers to create such a solution for me but I would appreciate if marketo could provide such a solution as well. 

Question to the community:

Do you guys see this as a reasonable solution or there are some possible weak points?

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Re: Conversion tracking based on Web Page Visit and Query Parameters

What you need is a Attribution Persistence Library, or more casually, a UTM Persistence Library, which is a JS lib that stores multiple attribution stages (or "touchpoints") in cookies. Then the stage data is injected into hidden form fields so it can all be processed on the back end.