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Choose default segment


We've recently started using Marketo and have setup segmentation based on locale (country + language). We have a header and footer snippet setup to choose the right locale for each email we send out.

Most of our emails are directed at a single locale, but we would like to use the segmented snippets anyway. What we would like to be able to do is set the default segment to mimic an existing segment.

So for example:
We send an email to our US_en audience. Once we have setup the header/footer snippet we would like to have the default segment be a copy of the US_en audience. That way, if anyone is on the list by accident, they will receive the default (and this the US_en) version.
We can also see this working on our email tests since segments aren't taken into account when sending a sample.

Is there a way in which we can choose (per asset) which segment we would like to have act as the default?

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Re: Choose default segment

The "Default" segment is set in the segmentation and not in the assets. You can not set segments for snippets inside emails or pages, as the segment is already set in the snippet it self.

However in your email templates I would the set the editable area of the footer with the English values. When creating an email you can choose to replace the footer area with a snippet. That snippet has all segments. This way your footer can be multi-lingual with the snippet. Or it can be any one fixed language for emails that go out to a single language only.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Choose default segment

Hi Stijn,

When you create a snippet, the text you have written for that snippet at the time "Segment By" is selected will be applied to the default segment. You would have to change the snippet for each segment according to your needs.
For Example:
  • Create a snippet and write "this is my US_footer segment". 
  • Now click on "Segment By" on the right and Select a Segment (e.g. Country). You will notice that this text "this is my US_footer segment" will be applied to all segments including US segment and default segment. 
  • Now select each segment on the right hand side and change the text for each segment according to your needs.
I hope this should solve your problem but if you are still having trouble don't hesitate to email me on the following address and I will be happy to help: