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Changing websites

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the best way to switch the top level domain of a Marketo instance. We went through an acquisition in mid December, and we have to switch from to, however I am not sure how this will effect all of our live webinar On-Demand pages, etc. 

I've submitted a support case and all that fun stuff, but wanted to get some further insight if anyone has been through this before.

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Re: Changing websites

There's some information about this here:

It looks like you (or someone on your admin team) will want to update your domain's CNAME to redirect your old landing pages to the new URLs, if that makes sense.

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Re: Changing websites

to switch the top level domain of a Marketo instance

(Not really the TLD.  A TLD is .com, .net, .space, etc. You mean the registered private domain, or in this case the "2LD" -- second level domain. FYI!)