can you assign Lead Owner through an API

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can you assign Lead Owner through an API


In our trial (3rd party), we have sales invite a prospect to demo a trial via an invite portal where they put said person's email address in.

We only ask for first, last and email. We want to when the person registers, the lead automatically is assigned to the person who invites the prospect.

How can I assign lead owner at the time of resigration of the person without having ot ask them to put in state or country?

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Re: can you assign Lead Owner through an API

I assume you're integrated w/SFDC based on the other thread you updated today.

AFAIK, there is no writable flat field that represents the SFDC Lead Owner. Even if you know the numeric Marketo ID of the owner's mirrored record (which isn't the same as the SFDC hexadecimal ID) based on a previous activity, you still can't write to the sfdcLeadOwnerId.

In sum, then, you either have to (a) use explicit flow choices when syncing the lead or (b) have SFDC do the assignment based on a placeholder string field.

However, if you aren't using SFDC but the native Marketo Salesperson functionality, you can certainly make owner updates via (and only via!) the API.

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Re: can you assign Lead Owner through an API

Echoing what Sanford Whiteman said, if you're integrated with SFDC, you won't be able to successfully make salesperson API calls.

My opinion on this, is to let Salesforce manage the lead distribution rather than having a smart campaign in marketo do it. Have a custom field or even a utm save the email address of the sales owner and then set up your lead assignment rules in salesforce.

two main reasons:

1. if you have many reps, the choices in a marketo smart campaign can get messy.

2. sales people stuff is easier managed in one place, e.g. when someone leaves or territory changes and you have to mass migrate accounts, update lead assignment rules etc...