Re: Calculating ROI with Multiple Currencies?

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Calculating ROI with Multiple Currencies?

Hi Everyone,

     We are a global company that is currently set up on Salesforce and Marketo. The organization has been on Salesforce for several years now and we are just preparing for the global release of Marketo.

Right now, we are running into an issue with ROI reporting when dealing with multiple currencies. As you know, Marketo can only work in a single currency (Right now set up for USD). However, all of our sales data within Salesforce is input in the local currency format. When calculating ROI, this starts becoming an issue because Marketo applies the dollar format for all foreign currencies. Also, when putting in program costs in Marketo, the system wants the format to be in dollars. As you can imagine, this will create issues when you are calculating ROI using two different currency formats.

Has anyone else run into this issue? If so, have you found any solutions to dealing with it? Any input on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Jason

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Re: Calculating ROI with Multiple Currencies?

I would speak with your SFDC Admin on how to handle this in SFDC. There is a setting that enables the final reporting currency to be X. There is then a forex conversion that can be built into the system.

Ideally it is setup such that Marketo sees the final USD calculation.

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Re: Calculating ROI with Multiple Currencies?

Interesting. Thanks Josh Hill​! I will look into this.

If we go this route, do you know how the data gets into Marketo? Is it converted by the Forex application and placed into a custom field that can be referenced? Or does the application mask the current currency field already mapped?

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Re: Calculating ROI with Multiple Currencies?

HI Jason,

This is pretty much the same as this discusion

So I paste the same answer

As Marketo manages only one currency, you need to convert all amounts coming from salesforce before they arrive in Marketo.

For this you have to create a custom field in the opportunity object that will contain the converted value based on your organization currency.

Here is a link that can help you do this in salesforce because it involves advanced skills

multi currency - Setting a Multicurrency field in Apex - Salesforce Stack Exchange

Then you can log a case and ask the support to remap the link between the opportunity amount in Marketo with your new field (after having cleaned all smart lists using the amount field as the remapping needs that the fields involved are not used). I also recommend saving all values for amount on opportunities in salesforce as the remapping can erase the values. You may need to reload tham after the remapping (the support can explain this better than me).

So then all your reporting will be based on the same currency.

Of course, you will have to input in Marketo all costs in your org. currency.

Hope it helps !!