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Multicurrency in Revenue Cycle Explorer

Question asked by 6f80f6e4d6a0b4a4c88c33e6ee52658cae36aee7 on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by 6f80f6e4d6a0b4a4c88c33e6ee52658cae36aee7
We use multi-currency in our Salesforce org. When we run revenue cycle explorer and create reports such as Program Opportunity Analysis the revenue data is a rollup total of mutiple currencies. Is there a way to have use the Amount (converted) field from SFDC so that the reporting is of value.

Currently if the report is listing individual opportunities we have to go into SFDC, look up the Amount in AUD and update the report in a spreadsheet. It it is a summary report e.g. just looking at Program Chanel performance then we don't see the true revenue value.