Building new Contact Preference Centre

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Building new Contact Preference Centre


I'd like to build a new area called the Contact Preference Centre to handle both preferences of how they would like to be communicated to, AND unsubscribe.  To do this, I'd like to remove the Unsubscirbe link (which immediately opts them out of comms), change wording and send them to the preference centre. It is only clicking the unsubscribe link in the preference centre that executes the unsubscribe.

I once saw discussion of this on Community, but am now not able to find it. Perhaps it was my imagination. Hoping someone here can help me with:

1. breaking the unsubscribe link in the email to Marketo CRM, and activating it from Preference Centre

2. information on how it would affect reporting

Also, wondering if anyone else has built a Preference Centre with unsubscribe, and how it was technically spec'd out.

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Re: Building new Contact Preference Centre

See Building a Full Subscription Center in Marketo - Marketing Rockstar Guides

there are several related discussions linked there and you can search on the forum. Plenty of docs and options.