Blacklist Remediation Question

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Blacklist Remediation Question

Hi there! 

Last night we received a notification from Marketo that an email we sent out hit a Spam trap. I followed the instructions which were provided here on how to remedy the situation and removed 6 people that might have been the cause. 

I looked a little closer on the instructions and I wanted to see if someone could provide clarification on a specific step. On one step of the instructions it states: 

"Build an inactive Smart List using ALL filters

- Was sent email the day of and day before the spam trap hit (please contact for the date of the trap hit if you do not have this information already.)"

I interpreted this at two separate "Was sent email" filters, one for each date that was listed. But then I thought it could also be set up as one "Was sent email" filter but using the "between" date of activity option. *See Screenshot*. 

Does anyone know the correct set-up for this filter step?  I want to make sure that we identify the emails that might have caused the spam issue. 


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Re: Blacklist Remediation Question

Hi Zane,

The way you have your filter set up is correct! The "between" filter operator captures any date, including and between the two specified dates you list. If you run into any additional problems here, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.