Re: Best reports/data/metrics for performance review?

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Best reports/data/metrics for performance review?

As a Marketo Admin/Marketing Automation Manager, what kind of information do you include in your performance reviews? Hit my 90-day mark and have accomplished the goals and projects defined when I was hired; those will be covered and of course, most of the important data I present will support those accomplishments. Any other things you like to show continuous improvement on during your reviews? Any critical data points I should look at to help define our 2017 objectives?

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Re: Best reports/data/metrics for performance review?

Hi Samantha McCollough,

This isn't really a Marketo metric, but it is very important to my role as a marketing ops manager - campaigns launched within SLA. A large part of our Marketo rollout was getting the marketing team to adhere to a new campaign submission, testing, and launch process, and I'm the gatekeeper of this process. So, I'm partly measured my the marketing team's adherence to the process!

Other metrics that you might keep in mind are around your database: unsubscribes, new leads added, data completeness, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Best reports/data/metrics for performance review?

Thanks David, hadn't thought about the SLA measurements - great idea!

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Re: Best reports/data/metrics for performance review?

Hi Samantha,

Something that I like to keep track of is how leads are moving through the funnel, particularly MQL to SAL. Have you seen an improvement in those rates since you've started? Also, we track why a lead is rejected. If you see any recurring issues that lead to sales rejecting leads, you can talk about how you've addressed them.

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Re: Best reports/data/metrics for performance review?

A few key metrics that I would always include in quarterly team meetings were:

- volume of leads moving into particular stages in the funnel

- conversion rates of leads moving from one stage to another

- lead velocity

- channel and offer influence to pipeline and revenue (using multi-touch)

- overall marketing influence on pipeline and revenue (using multi-touch)

- top performing channels and offers YTD (based on engagement and pipeline influence)

Depending on what the metric was and at what point in the year it was when I was sharing these, I may look at the numbers year to date, quarter over quarter, or against goal.

Hope this helps!