Re: Anonymous Triggering Deferred

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Anonymous Triggering Deferred

I have smart campaigns that set a value in the Initial Online Source field and award score points for page visits. These smart campaigns frequently fire on anonymous records. However, recently, I have noticed that these smart campaigns are no longer working with anonymous records. The activity Details for anonymous page visits now has a 'Anonymous Triggering Deferred: true' item. Does this mean that I can no longer set important values on anonymous records? If so, I would like to understand the rationale for excluding anonymous records from triggering smart campaigns and advocate for removing this restriction as it prevents us from using this very valuable data in our attribution and evaluation of records engagement.

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Re: Anonymous Triggering Deferred

This is part of the Munchkin v2 functionality (though it may have a different version now): Anonymous Lead Promotion to Known Lead – Munchkin V2 Behavior

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Re: Anonymous Triggering Deferred

Elliott, see Mike's response to my question in this thread: Any update on when customers will be migrated to Munchkin v2? We still have not been migrated to Munchkin v2