Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

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Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

I have a list where users are added to daily.

I want to sent them a birthday mail each year 21 days before the birthday. The only value I have is a "date of birth" (incl year)

I can see some other cases with same type of issue where a trigger "request campagin" was suggested.

My question is, if my flow looks like this, isnt it correct that this will only sent ONE birthday-mail 21 days before the date of date(current or next year).. but not recurring each year in all future?


Do I then need to "request this campaign" one time each year?

Or can I as a last step in the Flow, request it self?


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Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

How many times can leads flow through the campaign? You can set it for "once every 365 days" which should work as long as your qualification/triggers are set up properly.

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Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

Once every 365 days should work.  You can also set up a counter campaign that runs daily by creating a scoring field. If the scoring field is called "birthday counter"  you would add a score of +1 to the birthday counter field when the birthday= system date.  When the fields gets to 344 (21 days before the birthday) a campaign will trigger the email send and reset the counter.

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Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

I have not set the flow live, lets hope it works 🙂

Just a note to others, if a date field is required but not filled its given the default date of 1/1 1970, remember remove the from the flow.

it can be done by saying "date_of_birth > 1/1 1920."

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Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

correction: I have now set the flow live

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Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

Is it really this complicated to send a birthday email? Are you kidding me? Creating a scoring program th has to count up to 365 and restart. This just seems like a  ridiculous amount of work to send a Birthday / Anniversary Email.

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Re: Anniversary/Birthday flow each year

Found this discussion while preparing to create a program to send a birthday greeting email.  Since the Request Campaign flow step can't request the same campaign, I request a separate 'Re-add to Program' smart campaign with the following configuration.

  • Smart List - only a Campaign is Requested trigger
  • Flow - Wait 1 day flow step (you could make it longer) and a Request Campaign flow step that requests the Send Email smart campaign.
  • Schedule - Qualification Rule is 'every time'

The Send Email Smart campaign's Qualification Rule is also set to 'every time'.

Reminder to self - revise the birthday email at least once a year.