Dashed blue underline in Outlook

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Dashed blue underline in Outlook

I'm sending an email that has a physical location listed in the body. When it arrives in my Outlook inbox, a dashed blue underline gets added under the address. I think it's that "suggested meetings" add-in. We would like to disable that somehow. I have tried adding some zero-width spaces in those address lines, but when I paste my code into Marketo, it strips that out. I've tried a few things, like that Litmus trick to hide underlines for phones with a style that sets your underline to none and/or turns it white, but nothing is working. Has anyone found a way to suppress those blue dashed underlines?

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Re: Dashed blue underline in Outlook

As a sender, you really can't disable that. (As an aside, some people do find the Suggested Meetings feature useful)

The only way that you could really work around this is taking the formatting of the location in the email, take a snapshot, and replace the text with that image. This is certainly not best practice and not recommended, though, because many clients block images by default.