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Alert for Landing Page Link Click

I'm not sure if I'm missing something in the process, but I'm trying to set up a campaign that would generate an alert to our reps when someone clicks a specific link on a landing page.

But when I'm setting it up, I'm using the "Clicks Link on Web Page" trigger and the constraint for "Web Page" and find the correct page, but when I try and select the specific link, it's pulling in all types of links, not the ones just on this specific page. And when I try and find the specific link for the page, I can't find it in the dropdown.

Am I missing something? The link is from an embedded YouTube video if that could be making a difference.

Thanks for the input!


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Re: Alert for Landing Page Link Click

Not sure if this will help, but I submitted a case like this earlier this week and received the following response.  I guess I needed to remove part of the landing page url to just include the campaign portion.  When you do this, it should pop up.