Re: Adding a Snippet to a Landing Page

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Adding a Snippet to a Landing Page

Here's what I want to accomplish:

We have an email campaign that's state-specific, so I have the {{lead.State}} token in the emails, and I created a snippet with the token in it so that the lead's state will populate on the landing page.  Problem is, how do I actually get this snippet on the landing page?

I know you need to identify a segment before putting a snippet on a page, but how does this segment relate to the lead's information?  Also, I read about making the segment "Customers", but I don't see a place on the landing page where I can do that. 

I'm a little confused here - this is uncharted waters for me.

Thank you!

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Re: Adding a Snippet to a Landing Page

Hi Nick,

If you're using a guided landing page template, then a specific module/element/space has to be created within the template to allow for snippets.

Marketo's documentation on creating guided landing page templates has a little bit more information on the attributes required that'll allow you to add snippets across your landing pages.

Create a Guided Landing Page Template - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

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Re: Adding a Snippet to a Landing Page

To your question about identifying a segment first before adding the snippet: there are two types of snippets: static and dynamic. Static snippets show the same content for all visitors (they can include tokens for personalization). Dynamic snippets are tied to a database segmentation and will show different content to visitors based on their segment membership. If you are using a static snippet there is no need to identify a segmentation first. If you are using a Dynamic snippet you will identify the segmentation when you build the snippet not when you add the snippet to the landing page.