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Activity Sync

We have the "Email Sent" Activity synced with SFDC. However, it seems that if a contact receives more than one email per day, only the first email gets synced...... Is that true and is there a way around it?

Also, is there a way to only sync some Marketo Campaigns (emails) and not all?

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Re: Activity Sync

Yes, only one email activity per lead per day synced and no, no way to choose only some to sync their activity to Salesforce.  You'll probably want to use Sales Insight over Activity sync to more completely track Marketo email activity.

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Re: Activity Sync

Hi Mia,

As Steven has mentioned there are limitations to the activity sync feature since its deemed an old feature and the recommendation is to use Sales Insight instead.

You can find more information about the feature and its limitations such as it only syncing the first activity every 24hrs in the docs Customize Activities Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

There are a number of threads discussing the pitfalls of this feature and why it would be more useful to use sales insight, search the forums like this one Customize Activities Sync in Marketo

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Re: Activity Sync

So I have been doing some research about this very topics. we are also looking at doing what Mia is doing, syncing activity outside of Sales Insight. Why are we not using Sales Insight?  Well for us it is cost prohibitive. We have over 1,000 sales reps and not every sales rep will get a lead. from my understanding you need to purchase a SI license for every rep. However, since we don't know which reps will get a lead and not every rep gets a lead that often we don't feel it makes financial sense to use SI. That is why we ware using Marketo Sync. does anyone have a better solution? Would love to hear what others are doing. Thanks

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Re: Activity Sync

If you want to control the Activity Sync to such a granular level use the Add Task flow step in the smart campaign instead, and set the task status to "Completed". Add Task with a status of completed and logging an activity through the sync has the same practical application in Salesforce. It adds a completed activity to the record. It just requires setting up a whole bunch (like LOTS) of additional triggers which is why nobody really wants to do it this way. Tokens (even Trigger tokens) will also work in the subject and comment fields. But it's the only way to do it at a campaign specific level.